Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to make a mini bandsaw box - The cat

I made this little box out of a piece of lime tree ( it is also called tilia and in Greece we call it φλαμούρι).

First of all I cut a square piece of wood on my table saw. The material was 7cm thick so I had to cut ιτ in two passes in order for my saw blade to make the cut.

I then designed the template of my cat. 

I glued the template on my material using spray adhesive.

I made all the cuts on my bandsaw. For the inner cut, I cut through the box and I had to glue it back together.

I glued all the pieces, using wood glue, clamps and weights.

I drilled my cat’s eyes on the drill press and used WD40 to remove the template from the wood.

I sanded all the pieces using pieces of scrap wood as sanding blocks. I glued sandpaper on them using double sided  carpet tape.

I used my wood burner to add the mustaches on my cat.

I applied a coat of linseed oil to the piece. When the first coat was dry, I sanded the piece with 500 grit sand paper and added another coat of linseed oil.

My little bandsaw cat box was now ready.

You can download a free template of the cat design here.