Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to make a snowman band saw box

I just got a bandsaw and decided to make a bandsaw box out of a few scrap pieces of birch plywood.

I first glued up the 3 pieces of 18mm birch plywood. 

I designed my snowman’s template and glued it on the plywood using spray adhesive.

The trick with those bandsaw boxes, is to make the cuts in the correct order.

First I cut the outer shape on the bandsaw. Then I cut the back side of the box. Then I cut the drawers. I continue with the front and back of each drawer and then move on to their inner section.

I glued the parts of each drawer together.

To cut the space for the drawers I need to cut a way for my blade to pass. I glued those gaps and I also glued the back of the drawer.

I spayed rust remover to unglue the template. 

I sanded the drawers on my belt sander. With a scrap wood piece and sanding paper, I sanded the sides of my box.

I drilled holes on the drawers on my drill press. The holes will receive dowels that act as handles. I also turned a dowel as a carrot nose. To do that I mounted the dowel on my drill press to act as lathe and used sand paper to give it a conical shape.

I cut the hands of the snowman on the bandsaw. I used my rotary tool to make them pilot holes and added nails to act as supporters. I glued the hands in place with two part epoxy glue.

I spayed all the pieces with white primer. I gave them two coats with sanding between them. 

I then used blue and orange acrylic paint for the gloves, buttons and nose of my snowman.

I hope you like my snowman, merry Christmas!

You can download a free template of this box, here.

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