Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to make a wooden toy airplane for Makers Care

Steve Ramsey from woodworking for mere mortals 

Announced that with every photograph or video of a plane we make he will make a donation to Makers Care.

Makers Care is an organization of makers, artists, crafters, builders, woodworkers, metalworkers, and DIYers who are helping to improve the the lives of people and make the world a better place through our fundraising efforts.

Read more about the whole project here:

I made my airplane out of a scrap piece of plywood using my CNC machine.

First of all I designed my plane in Illustrator.

Then I used my CNC machine, to cut all the shapes out of an 8mm (thickness) sheet of birch plywood. After that was done I used my exact knife, to remove all the pieces.

I sanded everything with 180 grit sand paper.

I made a hole for the propeller on my drill press. I also made a counter sink for the screw head.

I made a small pilot hole for the propeller’s screw and mounted it on the plane.

I connected the wheels with a dowel. I also added nuts on the wheels, to act both as spacers and heavy weights.  

I glued everything together using wood glue. 

My plane was ready!

You can download a free plans for this project here.


  1. Hi - really cute project! I'd like to make one with my son - any chance you could provide the DXF file for download?


    1. Check the end of the article. I have just added a link with a PDF and a DXF file of the plans. I designed the paths in illustrator (not autocad), so I don't know if the exported DXF file came out OK. Anyway glad you liked my project, Dimitris from SWC

    2. Hey, great - your file worked great in QCAD once I converted it from inches to mm - thanks a lot!

    3. My plans are now available only through Patreon!

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